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old links appearing in Links Module Menu mode after DNN upgrade


I am only a mere content provider so please bear with me.
Recently we upgraded our website from DNN 6.02.05 to DNN 7.3.4. We have an issue with the Link module when it is set to Menu mode. The module displays links to some pages that were deleted from our website many months ago. Here is a link to an example:

Please notice the links in the right-hand column, entitled "Noah Module Information". These links were created automatically by the DNN Links module (version 6.2.3) in Menu mode. Four of the seven links should not appear, since they are to pages that no longer exist.

If you have any suggestions on how to solve this issue, please let me know.

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jimlab wrote Mar 4, 2015 at 1:27 PM

This is also apparently a problem with new pages as well. If I create a page and then delete it again right away, the page link continues to be shown in the Links Module in menu mode, even though the page was just deleted.
I have attached an example which shows links to two pages I copied and deleted shortly afterwards. I added this links module several hours after the pages where deleted, but it still displays links to these pages.
Please help me with this issue. My website already contains several dead links and the number is growing.

jimlab wrote Mar 10, 2015 at 10:39 AM

We discovered that the Links module is displaying links to deleted pages in the DNN Recycle bin. A workaround is to empty the DNN Recycle bin periodically.

Please fix this so that the Links module does not link to pages in the Recycle bin!

It is also very sad that I posted this issue 8 days ago and have not received any support whatsoever. We pay for premium support for DNN but when it comes to core modules, we are left to fend for ourselves. Not very customer oriented!